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Customer Testimonials

Hello Ken

I certainly hope that all is well. We are ready for
another year of excellence service and support that Visicom
has always rendered. And to start the new year off right,
our service technician, Mr. Herb Taylor, came out to
Halifax today (August 4, 2004) to set up our linear editing
equipment. While he was here I saw the need to have
several other things addressed. After Herb completed the
set up he continued to work by re-routing the incoming and
outgoing broadcasts, setting up our second graphics camera
(that for some reason had been unplugged and the cables
moved) and routing the images and to say the least he did
an Excellent Job. He also explained what he did so that we
could understand (in layman's terms). While he was here, I
scheduled a test broadcast with Northwest since they have
been down all summer and we ran into several problems.
Herb completed our requests here at Southeast and went
directly over to Northwest to troubleshoot the problem. He
replaced worn cables and we ran a second broadcast to make
sure that all of the equipment was working properly.

Needless to say, Herb did an excellent job....a direct
reflection of the type of service and support that Visicom
has always shown Halifax. I deeply appreciate your
continued support and superior service. If this is any
indication for a RAISE, then Herb Taylor definitely
deserves one. Again, thanks! Hope you have a Great Day!

Shelia Lowe
Technology Facilitator
Halifax County Schools