VisiCom Systems, Inc. is committed to maintaining the highest quality service for for our customers.  Our service technicians are full time videoconferencing service technicians who are trained to support and maintain the product lines that we sell.  Their only job is to provide service and support to our customers.  We allow our customers to have direct contact with their assigned service technician.

Having direct access to a service technician can be critical to the success of your network.  Access to our service technicians is generally available between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  During the manufacturer’s warranty period if you have purchased our VisiCom's Customer Care Package, there is no charge for telephone support, on-site support or additional user training.  Many vendors charge for these services after the system has been accepted by the customer.  Your facilitator, system administrator or instructor will appreciate these services.

VisiCom's Customer Care Package


VisiCom offers added coverage that relieves the end user of all responsibility regarding trouble shooting codec problems and making arrangements for warranty replacement if the codec is defective plus installing software upgrades.  While videoconferencing has been around for many years, it is a changing technology that involves video as well as audio transmission.  Most sites do not have a person that is able to accept this added support / training responsibility.  This is especially true for remote sites where administrative personnel are often given additional responsibility to support the videoconferencing equipment.  Adding multi site conferencing adds additional complicity for the end user.  The following services are included in VisiCom’s Customer Care Package:


  • Technician who installed equipment will be assigned to that site
  • End user can contact VisiCom Service Technician directly. 
  • Software upgrades will be installed by VisiCom technician
  • End user does not have to call for RMA # in case of hardware failure and package equipment for return.
  • End users talk to a person they know, not a different person each time they call a 800 number.
  • If there is a codec problem, the VisiCom Technician will come to site, trouble shoot the problem and arrange for a codec replacement if the problem cannot be fixed locally.
  • One call relieves the user of all responsibility.

VisiCom's Customer Care Package is offered on an annual basis as follows:


  • Price per site to be paid annually in advance of service.
    • Unlimited on-site visits for service calls
    • Unlimited telephone support
    • Unlimited user training


If you would like additional information, email us at or call 800-388-3482.




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